Areas We Can Help

We offer a variety of NDIS services and are working up bringing even more to our participants. If there is something specific you are interested in that you don’t see below, reach out to see how we can facilitate.


Personal mobility equipment

Caraleena Home & Community Care will help your participant find the specialised equipment they need to be more mobile in their home or community. This includes walkers and braces to help with walking, wheelchairs, as well as transfer aids including hoists.


Assistance with travel/transport arrangements

Caraleena Home & Community Care can help participants through transport supports to help participants get around and engage with their community. You can also book one of our staff members to drive you to appointments, shopping or any other activity you may need to attend.


Assistive equipment for recreation

We can assess the participant and recommend the technology or supports they need to play sports or fully engage in a hobby like bike riding, drawing or gardening


Community nursing care

A registered team of nurses can deliver the care your participant requires from their comfort of their own home.


Innovative community participation

Participants can discover enriching activities and make friends in their very own community, through innovative community participation activities.


Household tasks

If your participant is unable to do household tasks on their own, we can help! We cover meal prep and delivery, cleaning, laundry, housework, yard-work and more.


Interpreting and translating

If a participant or caretaker has difficulties communicating in English, we can provide an interpreter to help translate during any meetings or activities.


Assistive products in household tasks

We can help participants get the devices and assistive products they need to enjoy everyday household activities, everything from doing dishes to watching TV.

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